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The ITMA Review

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ITMA & CIPA Talk in Leeds

5 November, 2014

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ITMA London Evening Meeting

18 November, 2014

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ITMA Webinar

20 November, 2014

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Where can I advertise my IP practice on the ITMA website?

Companies can advertise here  in the Members' Services area of the ITMA website at a cost of £350.00 plus VAT for one year. Pro rata rates are available as follows:

Duration in Months From To Amount VAT Total
12 January December 350.00 70.00 420.00
11 February December 320.83 64.17 385.00
10 March December 291.67 58.33 350.00
9 April December 262.50 52.50 315.00
8 May December 233.33 46.67 280.00
7 June December 204.17 40.83 245.00
6 July December 175.00 35.00 210.00
5 August December 145.83 29.17 175.00
4 September December 116.67 23.33 140.00
3 October December 87.50 17.50 105.00
2 November December 58.33 11.67 70.00
1 December December 29.17 5.83 35.00

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What is…

Security interest

A registrable transaction to record a legal interest a party may have to a trade mark owned by another. Such interests are most commonly recorded in relation to loans that may have been secured against...

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Well-known mark

A special category of trade mark which is afforded certain protection in the UK without the need for registration or use due to its high awareness amongst the public.

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